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Louvre Art Master Class Drawing
The Louvre heritage of essential methods to achieve outstanding drawings. Realise in guided lessons with the principals and techniques of old masters greatness in your art.
Rembrandt and Light
Understand the expression of light and you can achieve greatness. One of the fastest ways to achieve mastery is by analyzing and stripping down masterpieces to the elemental components. Conquer light and shadow by experimenting only with black, white and grey. Implement wisdom of the masters and achieve outstanding drama in your own paintings. Contact and control the tones to emphasize important aspects in your artistic expression. Develop profound skills to have a well-tuned instrument to transform your vision into reality.
The Portrait of  Mona Lisa
Portrait drawing is one of the most impressive skills that you can achieve as an artist. This lesson will take you on the journey from playing to execution, that will dramatically improve your achievements. Learn to observe and set your drawing to achieve a fluid workflow. The masters' wisdom will help you concentrate on capturing the essential expression of the person you are drawing.
Caravaggio painted darkness
Amazing art is capturing light in a marvelous way. Master the essentials of working with light and shadow and dramatically improve the quality of your paintings. Being able to set light source in the painting is opening the illusion of three-dimensional depth. Become able to work with the mystery of shadow.  Discover the power of light to finalize your outstanding vision in your paintings.
Da VinciĀ“s grotesque head
Expand your drawing with the skills of rhythm, expression and composition of values. Discover the magic of Chiaroscuro that will dramatically improve your drawings. Find out how to set up still lives that will have a lasting impression.
Gerome Composition
The Masters are proving over and over again that the foundation of outstanding art is how a painting is put together. Your art can envolve to brilliance by understanding and apply the rules of composition. Discovery how the Masters before us make decisions to put their opus together. Rediscover this treasure, so you can achieve far greater impact with the elements of you artistic Symphony.
Barberini Fundamentals
The Masters understood how to guide and influence the perception of the audience. Grasp their secrets to improve your figure drawing. Learn how balance, gesture and expression can bring your lines in the dimension beyond a flat surface. Achieve absolute mastery over your drawing by understanding how to set your vision in the lines and adjust and read design it at your we will.
Movement and Expression
Even when a painting is a motionless frame, the expression of movement still lives on in our head. Experience the wisdom of Masters to develop figure drawing, that will move your audience. The understanding of expression, gesture and structure, is your fastest way to make your artwork more impressive.
Antonius Portrait
Make you finishing the process of your drawing a powerful skill to achieve outstanding portrays. Improve your drawing rendering with a choice of different supplies and artistic styles. Expand your artistic portfolio through well-chosen experiments. Gain new skills that will impress your audience with you inventive capability.
Homer Plaster Cast
Advance you are drawings with the same studies that made Masters. Experience how the method of plaster cast drawing has increased the excellence of drawings since centuries. Use the heritage and tradition to develop from simple forms to complex drawings. Let your new knowledge conquer later on the motives of your choice.
Anatomy torso
The main substance of the human body, the torso can be transformed from the mass into a tool of expression. Own the knowledge of Masters who instrumentalities anatomy to achieve outstanding expression. Discover the effective method to transform simple forms into expressive body gesture.
Ares basic shapes
Cut through the complexity of human anatomy with effective methods of old Masters. Discover how easy it can be to develop the human form with simple geometrical forms. Step-by-step master the basic procedure of figure development.  Spend less time on fighting the details and focus on the concept and expression of your artistic vision.
Expression Gladiator
Achieve strong expression through angles and balance. Discover how to achieve a maximum of dynamic in your drawings.
Nike skills for expression
Boost your art education with precise knowledge of the fundamentals. Setting a solid foundation through the knowledge of critical basic skills will have an immense impact on the development of your art. Ingredients like proper material handling, measuring and core skills will improve your art. Master shapes, forms and values to create depth and expression in your drawings. Impress with movement and energy in your compositions to conduct your artistic vision to the point.
Freedom and composition
The Masters are proving over and over again that the foundation of outstanding art is how a painting is put together. Your art can envolve to brilliance by understanding and apply the rules of composition. Discovery how the Masters before us make decisions to put their opus together. Rediscover this treasure, so you can achieve far greater impact with the elements of you artistic Symphony.
Magic of Hands
A small gesture of the hand in a masterpiece can change the whole expression of the painting. Discover and experience how the Masters conquered expression. Learn to set with precision what you intend. Deliver grace and beauty in gesture. Use the deeper knowledge of human anatomy to charm with the expression of human hands.
Essentials and Simple lines
Begin your artistic journey with the right essentials. This lesson is all about important fundamentals, so you can improve immediately your drawings. Begin by mastering the line, tone and value to basic forms in drawing. Achieve outstanding drawings by learning how to render light and shadow.
Master anatomy
The expression of the human body in art is not a coincidence. Use the combined knowledge of old Masters to heighten the expression of the figures. Use the anatomical knowledge to experience more pleasure and precision in figure drawing. Take the liberty of appearance by making realistic decision for your art.
Manet and portrait
Achieve amazing portrays with the proven methods of the Masters. Discover and conquer the advantages of understanding methods supporting your drawings. Master the process of establishing your drawing and the lay-in method to accomplish outstanding art. Bring your portrait drawing to the next level with new methods, now.

Casper and magic of landscape
The landscape in art is more than echoing reality. Mastering it can make it to an expression of the soul. Learn from the master how composition, color and layers can express far more the human condition then even the best photo camera could. Discover secrets and ancient wisdom, so you can express the subconscious intention in your landscape paintings.

First step into Bargue method
At the beginning of the artistic journey, the artist can become overwhelmed with the human complexity. Find out which methods the Masters had applied to make the approach easier and more achievable. Step by step conquer a approach that will make the rest of the human anatomy accomplish-able for your art.
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