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We are looking for your talent!
Help our art students develop their artistic skills.
Do you have the skill and talent to guide students through online art projects? Can you implement knowledge in art, art history or introduce students to the works of master artists?
Even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in art or in art education you must have a solid background in artistic skills. We give you the chance to prove your talent, to show and contribute with your artistic abilities. Support others with your skills and knowhow like theory, method and techniques. Master your own progress in lesson development, student management and online teaching methods. Harvest the fruits of your culture by supporting the artistic development of others.
To become an art teacher and later a tutor or even a professor at the Academy we develop a clear process:
Step 1: Focus your possibilities and present your contribution.
Step 2: Get approved, start teaching and unlock further steps in your career.
Step 1: Becoming clear about your own developed range of artistic skills.
Our students need teachers with proficiency in styles and subjects of art. What skills are you able to transmit and demonstrate on the online platform? Become clear about your masterful skills in art like the oil painting, watercolour and your types of art mediums. Become specific in what you mastered. In this way, you can first focus and then offer a variety of art courses in which students can explore their interests and develop their skills.

Step 2: Earn your teaching approvement
We want the best for our students. That’s why our art teachers complete an approvement process. For your own career, it has also the advantage to achieve an important milestone in the mastery of your skills. You are in the circle of the chosen one. To gain your approvement you have 3 possibilities.

A) Social following approvement over content producer path.
B) Low demand analysis for a guest teacher or
C) Exclusive insight analysis for an efficient way to become a teacher on the Academy platform.
(Chose your path of approvement after sending your data with the form below).
Your Teaching Approvement

Get your information’s together! (Do not forget your teaching video!) Just use the form below and get in touch with us. After filling out the application, we will find out if we are a match and can start with the process.

This form will help you to become clear about your range of artistic skills and contribution.

Fill in the Form below describing what skills you are able to transmit and demonstrate on our online platform. This process will help you become clear about your contribution to the academy. Get ready to show your masterful skills in a video that you will contribute. Demonstrate your art skills like oil painting in a video class. If needed: At the bottom of the web page, you will find support for creating your first video. We will analyse your material and send your feedback (you can choose later the EXPANSE ALLOWANCE for processing, analysing and feedback that will be charged).
Teaching Approvement Form

It’s time to sit down and become specific in what you can contribute to the culture by offering an art course. Upload your video on a video platform (like YouTube) and send us the link to watch it.

 Anatomy  Landscape  Art history
 Color  Light  Portrait
 Composition  Materials  Still life
 Drawing  Painting  Techniques
 Figure  Art Knowhow others (please describe below)

NOT SURE WHAT TO TEACH? Become an Art Career Counsellor, start earning AND clarify in the process the best future for your artistic development. click here "The Future Of Your Art" Program
Further possible steps:

Step 3: Complete a Tutor Program
After a period as guest teacher higher opportunities are opening up to support your career. The Master Program sets an important level for all of our tutors.  Through the teacher education preparation programs, tutors earn a skill level. They are gaining credentials that are allowing all students a seamless experience of the Academy. This education program requires completing supplemental courses. They are in online production, planning, students’ management and teaching methods. This allows them to apply learned methods and techniques, as well as culture teaching experience.

Here are some ideas that will support you in creating your first video.
Creating A Video

What have you mastered, what do you LOVE?  Being passionate and knowledgeable about your topic will make your training outstanding and engaging. Write down your skills, talents and life experiences that you can transmit to others. The topic you picked is valuable to you. Think WHY is it so? What is it giving to you that you are going through all the obstacles of production? Think if this topic and outcome will be motivating and providing a strong enough WHY for others to follow you on the path of achievement.

This academy is successful providing already valuable content think through how your idea can be a valuable addition. Think about the biggest problems students are facing or that is making them hesitated to start their journey you have set out. What can you provide to overcome the initial obstacles? Your lessons will be only valuable if students are certain that they will succeed.

Do not create for nobody. Being a teacher is about thinking what will help others.
Tests your idea by asking others on social media how they react to see if it has demand or not.  Many creative’s are making the mistake of working just for them self or just following a hype.

Learning outcomes is what counts for students. Your video goal must be understood and be clear what value it will provide. Let it be clear HOW your video will support help your students. Write down: the skills they will be able to experience from you. The new knowledge they will obtain. How will you engage them in the process to achieve an outcome?

Get together what you need to produce the video. Do not let the sheer volume of information and possibilities get you in an endless preparation. Pick what is absolutely necessary, focus and leave out the rest.

You students want to get from A to B. The endpoint B is why they are here; plan all the necessary milestones they have to achieve to get to B. Map out the milestones first and lay out them into the most progressive and logical manner. Group together your similar themes, tips, and ideas to those milestones. If you don’t have any plan you can follow this easiest structure:
a) Explain the value, opportunity or the benefit of your video outcome
b) Introduction of the topic, an overview of milestones and materials
c) Work process from A to outcome B using the explained milestones
d) Recap

Pick your style to deliver your content. Reaching point B for your students will be achieved easier when you pick the right way of delivering the milestones to get there. Think about the learning Methods, preferences and all of the different ways that you can support them on their path. Lay out your visuals and explanations you must deliver. Remember: Over explanation can be easily cut out later in video editing, missing explanations will confuse the students.

Develop your course plan and script. Plan how you are going to deliver each element picture yourself going from scene to scene. Start filming when you are just planning and thinking about your delivery. Watching yourself “dry swimming” will make it clear what and how to change your script and setting. Check your first filming for picture clarity and audio. Are you and what you are doing and presenting absolutely clear? Test it by watching it on the smallest possible screen (like your Phone). Even in this small size everything that you are presenting should be visible. (especially light pencil lines are despairing on video). Watch your test video just as audio. Is it making sense without seeing what is going on? No. Then you know when you have to describe more.  

It is time just to hop in front of the camera and do it. Remember it is not about you, but about the artistic value, you will provide. If you worry about your look, just make sure that in the same comfortable outfit for you in which on the other hand you would turn up in the Museum for your achievement award. Edit your video and upload it on YouTube or another platform so you can send a link to us. For Future Videos check the requirements that follow. We will support you with an analysis when you want to get not only better but to deliver your outstanding talent and skills to our students.

Louvre.Academy is a free independent educational institution dedicated to art with the purpose of promoting culture and education.
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